Collage and Encaustic Workshop April 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018


April 2018

Collage and Encaustic Workshop

Yesterday was my Spring Collage workshop, I do a collage and mixed media workshop every semester at the Guilford Art Center  in Guilford, CT.  This time I combined it with Encaustics a process I have fallen in love with and have been experimenting with for a while now.  We had a full house of enthusiastic women who were dying to try out this beautiful luminous medium.


I love the qualities that the wax adds to a painting and that it is so versatile. People are always so surprizes at it's simplicity - I think that there is a perception that it is complex or difficult. I find it very fluid and intuitive even for beginners.


We completed works on paper and on wooden board. What a great messy day we had with paint, wax and oil sticks.....

collage with drawing, collage,acrylic paintl stitch

 Mona Lisa Eyes, Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic,Stitch, Encaustic, Oil Stick, Pastel on Paper

Marcy LaBella one of my Demo Pieces

Anyone need help?

Workshop Photos


My Art Bestie Cheryl Tuttle was my TA for this Workshop - Double Trouble!   A talented student with her nice!


We made a giant MESS - that's how you know we had a great time!!


Collage Process                       Encaustic Process

                   The Students made awesome works!!!!





More Process Photos








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